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I've finally decided to do what I've been wanting to do for almost fifteen years. I will be releasing a nearly finished manuscript of what I hope to be something that will bring greater attention to the environmental plight of a nation called Kiribati.  Think climate change is not real?  Think it won't happen in your lifetime?  Think it is unproven?  For scientists the argument is over.  For politicians, skepticism remains.  We hear little to nothing from those on the frontlines.  This blog details the frontlines from a Peace Corps Volunteer's vantage.  You will get to know the people, get to know the land and get to see what so many of us still deny.  Want to get a jump on the writing?  Google "Kiribati"... for that matter, google Tuvalu, Maldives and Marshall Islands too.  Google pictures of "king tides" in these islands.  Learn, share, help with the cause, I want everyone to know what is happening to these nations.  They are our canaries in the climate change coal mine so to speak.
This blog? It's a vocation of sorts about a country, on the frontlines of climate change.  It is about friends, family, and people I care deeply about.  But ultimately, it is about ALL OF US who live on this Earth.  Check it out if you have time!  Follow if you can!  Share if you like!
Te Mauri, Te Raoi, ao Te Tabomoa!!!

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