Sunday, August 31, 2014

New blog with a revised version of the whole story

I am back and I am sorry for disappearing on everyone.  I was in graduate school when I started this blog and didn't think anyone would be interested in it.  I was shocked to see how many were interested!  It encouraged me heaps to continue it, however I had to resign from it so I could finish my doctoral dissertation on Climate Change and Kiribati.  An update on the situation in Kiribati, well things have gotten worse really fast.  Please see to get an update and share with those you think may be interested!

I have worked a lot on the blog text and have added/subtracted a lot to make the story, hopefully, better.  I am not the best in this blogging but I will try my best to update everything with the new material as soon as I can.  Thank you so much for reading and caring about Kiribati!  It is my passion!!!!

Mike :)